Log Jam Chinking  No matter what it encounters - wind, rain, sleet, sun or snow, Log Jam effectively holds its seal. Log Jam chinking keeps your home comfortable while keeping the weather where it belongs - outside. It's the elastic sealant that handles joint movement up to 100% even in joints up to 4" wide while maintaining its original appearance. With superior adhesion and elasticity, Log Jam is guaranteed not to crack, tear or peel away from logs. Plus it's the only chinking to hold a UL one-hour fire rating. So Log Jam helps slow the spread of fires from room to room, allowing your family more time to escape. Log Jam's five textured colors seal your home with the traditional look of mortar and are available in two convenient sizes (5 gallon pails and 30 oz. cartridges).
Log Builder Sealants All logs move. That's why Log Builder was specifically designed to absorb all log movement. Whether it's shrinking, swelling, extreme weather or settling foundation, Log Builder moves with your home, maintaining an effective seal. Since it stretches and compresses up to 100% of the original joint size and stays rubbery, Log Builder won't crack or pull away. It creates a tight seal to keep water, dust and wind from seeping into your home. Use one of Log Builder's seven water-based colors to seal around windows, doors and base boards. And don't forget to seal checks and cracks. Any split in the logs can promote decay and allow the elements to enter your home. Log Builder is available in 10.5 oz. and 30 oz. cartridges as well as 5-gallon pails for bigger jobs.
Conceal  Conceal's light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood. Conceal's 7 colors blend in with the most popular stains used on log homes, and Conceal's light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood. The combination of color and texture makes it hard to see where the caulking ends and the logs begin. Instead, they just blend together. Although the caulking is hard to see, Conceal delivers performance. It outperforms all other textured caulks currently available.
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