While a new Main Lodge is under construction, several log buildings are being relocated. These log packages needed stripping and staining. We brought the Kernel in for the job.
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The Dirkin house is an older log structure with gables and lower siding in great shape but covered in multiple coats of an older style barn red stain. The owners image of the house is a cleaner, more natural appearance
Lennox's House
One half of this house was stripped by two men using sanders and grinders. This process took five days. The other half was done with the "KERNEL". We estimate that two men would have completely stripped this house in two full days using the "KERNEL". Careful measurements were taken to calculate the square footage of area refinished on this job. A total of 2,500 square feet of wall , including cedar siding, posts, beams etc. was done. The curvature of the wall logs was not taken into account in these figures. It is estimated that it would have required 60 bags of corn media, to do the entire house. The owners used eleven gallons of SASHCO "CAPTURE" stain (wheat color) and slightly less than five gallons of SASHCO "CASCADE"  to stain this house. Our thanks to Jack and Lorna for allowing us to use their beautiful home.
This building has had 4 coats of Sikkens Cetol 23 over 1 coat of Cetol 1. This heavy film would plug up grinding discs very quickly.
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