The "Kernel"
SASHCO     technicians    spent    hundreds    of    hours    working    with restoration people in designing the "KERNEL" . Several    important    modifications    were    made    to    a    conventional sandblaster   so   it   would   feed   and   control   the   ground   corn   media   used to   strip   the   stain   and   not   destroy   the   underlying   wood   fiber. The   corn media   is   available   in   several   grits.   As   the   corn   is   very   light   weight and     biodegradable,     clean     up     is     fast     and     simple.     Tests     were performed    using    other    medias    such    as    walnut    shells    and    baking soda,    but    the    corn    cob    proved    to    be    the    best.    Our    approved SASHCO    applicators   are   familiar   with   the   use   of   the   "KERNEL" , and   the   machine   is   available   for   rent   to   qualified   individuals.   Please contact Interlakes Distribution Ltd. for more information.
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