CPR Log Cleaner & Brightener (Wood Preservative)
CPR is used to clean and brighten uncoated wood that is dirty, faded or gray from UV exposure. Mix CPR to the brightening solution strength for use on new construction just prior to staining to remove dirt and grime from the building process and to break down mill glaze. Mixed at the cleaning solution strength - use for periodic cleaning on stained logs to extend the life of your stain.
Cobra Rod (Wood Preservative)
Penetreat (Wood Preservative)
No one wants to replace logs after investing so much in their home. You shouldn't have to either. Treat your logs right from the start. When sprayed or brushed on your home, PeneTreat™, a borate-based wood preservative, forms a shell of protection to defend against rot, most wood-destroying insects and fungi. PeneTreat™ is a powder that is mixed with water and then applied with a brush or sprayed on with a garden sprayer. It is also EPA-approved. PeneTreat™ will not effect the color of wood, interfere with stain or caulk adhesion, and is completely odorless. Low cost and easy application make PeneTreat™ the popular choice.
Cobra™ Rod is a solid rod-shaped co-biocide - with boron and copper - that is installed inside the wood. Activated by moisture, it sets up a barrier against rot and insect infestation. Cobra™ Rod controls fungal decay and wood-boring insects - i.e. both a fungicide and insecticide. Cobra™ Rod is: safe to handle; safe to the environment; easy to install; and longer lasting than pre-treated lumber or topical applications. Cobra™ Rod is more environmentally acceptable than traditional toxic alternatives. Cobra™ Rod actives, Copper and Boron, are extremely toxic to fungal decay and insects, yet is not toxic to humans and mammals. Cobra™ Rod is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-USA). Cobra™ Rod is comprised of three recognized water-diffusible wood preservatives, Anhydrous Disodium Octaborate, Copper Oxide and Boric Acid.
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